Today is Father’s Day, the one day in the year that the now-defunct MCI identified as as the day with the highest number of collect call traffic out of all days of the year. This is different than Mother’s Day, where there is a run on flowers and the never-ending quest for a brunch spot that isn’t doing the turn-and-burn.

Liam Wallace prepared for Father’s Day and actually had two gifts for the Patrem. His group leader Sabrina helped him with an arts and crafts project to customize a picture frame and then take a photo to fill the frame. This is the Micro-Dragon silly face because the theme of the project was “I love you silly”.

The Father's Day Present

Pretty swish! it’s in a prominent display location and was a great way to start the weekend.

The actual Father’s Day (today) was a pretty packed day, as we started by hoofing it to the market to go to the bakery to buy bread. This would be us waiting patiently for number 68 to be called at the deli line. That would be Liam Wallace wondering why we’re standing there so early in the morning.

Patrem and Filium at the bakery

Not too bad of a wait because the yellow macaron pick-me-up was apparently delicious and made it worthwhile.

The yellow macaron pick-me-up

We did make it back pretty quickly, which was good because Liam Wallace was also invited to his classmate’s birthday party and had to get his little butt over there. He brought gifts. He ate a Dorito. He exploded a whole bunch of balloons.

And he played in this inflatable jumping thing. This is a action shot of him through the protective netting imitating a left-handed kangaroo.

Left-handed kangaroo imitation

There was a lot of bouncing. Lots and lots and lots of bouncing.

But the bouncing did eventually come to an end as we had to move on. We were surprised by the bring one get one gifts policy because there was a thank-you-for-coming gift basket from which he could choose a gift to take home. So what did her choose?

Here he is posing with the Mom, and yes, that would be a Patrem Tamer in his hands.

Liam with his new Patrem Tamer

Doing the kangaroo and exploding balloons pretty much meant he was out like the proverbial incandescent light bulb within about 30 seconds of strapping into the vehicle. When he’s older and reads this post, he’ll have to look up incandescent light bulb.

So after snoozoos were finished, it was time to host Father’s Day dinner with the paternal grandfather. That was the other reason for getting to the market so early, because we needed delicious lobsters.

He personally selected delicious lobsters to share with his paternal grandfather, specifically this particular crustacean which was just over the 2 kg mark.

Liam and the Lobster

[Aside: you can tell that Mothers are more critically-important as clientele because lobsters are approximately 40% more expensive on Mother’s Day than on Father’s Day. Yes, part of it is availability, but who would dare attempt to disappoint their mother. Christina Crawford definitely comes to mind, and maybe Maria Riva if you believe the rumors, but not too many others.]

After lobster, there was cake. Strawberry cheesecake because that the favorite of Liam Wallace’s grandfather. Why not have the Patrem’s favorite cake? Apart from not really having a favorite cake, there’s the question of being shaped like a Bartlett.

Strawberry cheesecake

Pretty good Father’s Day I’d say.

But wait!

There’s more…

I said that the Micro-Dragon gave the Patrem not one but two gifts for Father’s Day. The special photo in the custom frame was one, but what was the other? Not one but two epic thunderpoopies. On Friday before the weekend. At proto-school.


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