Can you believe it? It’s been four years since the Micro-Dragon decided he needed to come out and have a little stretch.


He’s not so micro anymore; still a bit thin (tiny butt) but definitely quickly moving towards vertical parity with the parentals. Also walks, runs, talks (lots), eats (limited diet). Sings show tunes.


The parentals are very tired right now. This is the Mom at proto-school about to take him to see jellyfish. Why? Because he saw one and knows that they’re delicious. Not that he’d eat one right now, but they’re delicious.

Oh – I forgot to mention that he finds it hilarious to not look at the lens when we take photos.

The parentals were there to take part in lunch and the group party. This here is the proto-school cupcake that we all got as the Giraffes up and celebrated his birthday today. It was actually pretty good and Liam Wallace did as he has done with cake and cupcake: lick the frosting, leave the cake.

The jellyfish adventure had the Mom back slightly disheveled and her and the parental grandparents a bit crispy on the edges, though the Micro-D passed out on the Métro. However to be expected as she started the day a little étourdie.


Because of this, the first cake the Mom has ever made for the Micro-D. It’s the “Bon Dinosaure” which he knows by the French title and which he watches in English.

She restarted baking late 2015 with a newspaper extra and has been making cakes of increasing complexity. This one would be the most complex to date.

It’s the first cake the Mom has made for the Micro-D because previous birthdays were complicated affairs and the parentals were astute enough to outsource some things.

For four, we decided to be a bit more zen and just do a cake that took just over 7 hours to complete. I did say it was complicated; she was sculpting the nails and locks of hair and there is an anatomically correct belly button. Plus the spelling and counting (not easy when one is doing it about the same time as when the water broke).

It looked even better live and a Jedi padawan has asked if she could have one too.

Liam Wallace loved the cake to fete his getting to four.

He licked the side buttercream and left the cake.

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