Forty two

Forty two! The Micro-Dragon isn’t so micro anymore and is now 42 months old. Forty two!

That’s 3.5 years old as he starts the 2016 countdown to birthday number four. Forty two also happens to be the year of the consulship between Emperor Claudius and Gaius Caecina Largus, though we’re not completely sure why that’s important.

This would be breakfast on the day: biomoo, raspberries from SuperFina, some toast with multiple toppings, and one annoyed child who’s wondering why The Patrem is firing off a camera flash so early in the morning.

Annoyed with the Patrem

So what’s he interested in now that he’s forty two?

Potatoes on Mars.

You can download it on iTunes.

After a hard day at proto-school playing in the snow and celebrating a classmate’s birthday, it was time to eventually come home and face The Pillar of Destiny.


You do that with an apple, because there’s no sense in being hungry while one’s at it.

We can see the marks from eighteen and thirty month milestones. It’s a confirmatory that he’s getting bigger.

And this is the official measure of how big he has gotten – it’s the blue-ish smudgie. We still can’t figure out what writes properly on this surface.

The official 42 month measure

The end result? 97.47 cm (38 and 3/8 inches for the Imperial types).  Not quite half the height of the Lord of the Sith but getting pretty close. The Patrem would like the Filium to have that as this year’s Halloween costume but that’s still in discussion as the Mom thinks it’s just a little “extreme”.

We think he’s also slightly over 15 kg, but that’s a little difficult to measure because he “traumatized” his proto-school instructor this afternoon and since he was eating the apple, there’s no real way of telling if it was an empty weight or no. Definitely heavier, but

So what’s up with the extra height and the extra (unconfirmed) mass?

Mr. Astronaut who wants to burn hydrazine to grow potatoes on Mars is also gearing up to show the Mom how well he can handle the slopes.

Preparing for a new activity

Though the inaugural session has been postponed until next week – it’s going to rain heavily.


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