Food Scorecard

Well, now that Liam Wallace is starting on non-moomoo sources of nourishment, we may as well keep a track of what’s been tried, what’s planned and how well each foodstuff does. Ergo this here food scorecard. The curiosity arises from both parents having very different palates in terms of what’s considered delicious and what’s horrible.

Food Item Yay! Meh Blech! Comments
Moomoo X     His personal favorite (gee, why is that? 😀 ) though it took a while before he could access directly from source.
(President’s Choice organic applesauce)
  X   Has currently tried President’s Choice organic applesauce, and he shows signs of “meh” because of the fundamental tartness. Either that or else he knows it’s a commercial product, but we haven’t had a chance to cook and grind down good apples.
Banana    X   We have to currently place this as a meh because of the uncertainty of the Micro-Dragon reaction to the Special Banana Method banana. Or we simply misinterpreted gas.
Beef/Veal       Currently on hold as a purée but will be near the top of the list when it comes time to move to more texture. Veal short ribs are first up.
Barley Cereal   X   Ambivalent towards barley, though it’s more palatable taste and texturally with supplemental Similac powder and a little wheat bran.
Brown Rice Cereal X     Well, the Taiwanese roots show in the sense that this is his favorite cereal. Unfortunately, it has a plugging effect that helped kill the dinosaurs.
Butternut Squash X     Prepared but initially placed “on hold” following the reaction to the sweet potato. Surprisingly he likes butternut though possibly because it’s a thinner texture than the kumara was.
Carrots X     The Beta Sweets were a hit and so far is the only food that has elicited a “wow I like this” reaction. Remains to be seen how ordinary skanky carrots will compare in the future.
Chicken  X     Ah, pollo. The first meat the Micro-Dragon tried with great success. The pollo was tasty enough that it will become the base of an adult dish.
Lamb       Currently on hold as a purée but will be near the top of the list when it comes time to move to chunks. Loin chops are planned
Mango X     A very strong second to peaches as favorite food and not just favorite fruit. Vacuums down entire portions with gusto.
Oatmeal Cereal     X Looks upon oatmeal and its cardboard taste with abject disgust, though he will eat a spoonful grudgingly if mixed with a little Similac powder when reconstituting.
Orange Juice
(Tropicana Pure Premium no pulp)
  X   Tropicana tested following a suggestion by the Jedi to provide a bit of “push” for the internal kid plumbing. Likes the fact that he’s drinking but isn’t too keen on the tanginess of the citric acid. Might try a Cara Cara orange next to see how that flies.
Peach  X     We think it’s safe to say that peaches are his new best friend. Apart from helping him wash out the barley and oat flavor from his mouth, he discovered that he likes the taste of peaches enough to ask for two additional servings that he just hoovered down.
Pear X     Easily made the “I like this” list even though there is a slight gravelly undertexture to the pear.
Pork X     Pork belly is the Micro-Dragon’s new friend. Will be very interesting to see if his love affair with pork will translate to things like porchetta and gua bao.
Sweet Pea   X    
Sweet Potato     X Well, he didn’t do his grandfather proud because this goes over about as well as the prep for a MAG-3 evaluation. At the present time, considered the worst foodstuff in the history of the world, ranking even lower than oatmeal.
Zucchini/Courgette X     Surprise! He *likes* zucchini, to his father’s utter amazement. A much lighter texture because of the high water content and the skin adds a slight bitterness to the aftertaste but the underlying purée is 1) green and 2) sweet.

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