Today is the 37th Anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. The Patrem sort-of knows this pretty much every year because August 16 is has been a little weird since Elvis came face-to-face with the Universal Oneness. The Micro-Dragon? He tolerates the Patrem’s eclectic musical tastes in the car, but generally doesn’t care too much one way or another because sometimes the selected Elvis track is in stereo.

He doesn’t commemorate the day, but this year was a little different because like Elvis did in 1958, Liam Wallace went to get a haircut.

Elvis Presley entering the army and getting the haircut 1958

The above of course is the famous “Elvis gets THE HAIRCUT” photo taken at Fort Chaffee. That’s publicity hog James ‘Pete’ Peterson doing the trimming.

Fast-forward some 56 years.

Here is Liam Wallace sitting patiently in the barber chair doing some “light reading” of the Sears Canada catalog. Let’s not dwell too much on what section of the catalog he’s focusing on – he’s demonstrating a continuing interest in reading.

Liam Wallace waiting for his haircut

And pricking up his ears when he heard Pascal say that it was his turn. Yes, I understand it’s blurry, but we still don’t have that M240 with the Noctilux to do his documentary photography, and he’s a really  fast little dragon.

Liam Wallace getting called for his haircut

René Simard - NeverGood thing the Micro-D was paying attention to the discussion too, because no, it would not be like Elvis’s haircut, not that the Mom would have permitted her child to be buzzed.

It’s okay for the Patrem to be buzzed: there’s not too much left and it helps when it comes time to do zombie apocalypse practice).

But certainly not like the René Simard do.


The Micro-Dragon really did dodge a huge one after the Mom described to Pascal how she wanted his hair cut and styled, and he of course replied “oh, you mean like René Simard”.

René Simard?


The old René Simard haircut would have required us to find and bring a salad bowl for Pascal to use as a trimming template. It’s also a couple of short sideburns away from the Billy Rae Cyrus mullet.

The strange thing about this entire discourse is that unlike virtually everyone else in the Chez Nous pantheon of entertainers, the Patrem actually knows who René Simard is. He remembered this fellow during a CBC variety special way back when prancing around on set in a polyester bell-bottom jumpsuit the same shade of brown as the leather jacket on the album cover.

As far as we are aware, Elvis never wore brown bell-bottom jumpsuits. White ones with rhinestones, yes, but not brown bell-bottom ones.

Fortunately Liam Wallace did do something different though unrelated to Elvis in preparation for the haircut: eyeball socks. They helped watch out for suggestions like that so that he could ensure that the Mom didn’t say “yes” to the René Simard look.

Liam Wallace's eyeball socks

And how was the eventual cut?

He can still do anime hair, so the Patrem’s making sure we don’t run into any giant robots waiting for a child pilot to climb in and start making mayhem.


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2 Responses to Elvis

  1. Rob Mariani August 17, 2014 at 1:55 pm #

    The Patrem would be happy to know that I made many calls on a Dr. Ghanem, who had a rather opulent office behind The Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas. He was physician for Elvis when visiting Vegas. You would have enjoyed his personal office, probably about 2000 square feet, with dozens of photos of Elvis and Dr. Ghanem. Really quite a nice guy. I never had the gumption to ask him if he was the doc that gave Elvis all of the prescriptions.

    • The Patrem August 24, 2014 at 2:07 pm #

      No kidding! You actually interacted with someone who really “knew” Elvis. I don’t know if I would have been able to ask about the prescriptions either, though I would have liked to have seen the photos. By the way, Dr. Ghanem’s office space is larger than the homestead here.

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