The year of being a giraffe is starting to wind down and Liam Wallace is about to transition from a group named after a very tall animal to one named after something able to intake oxygen via an epidermal route. Okay, fine.

What they do at proto-school during this part of the year is take advantage of the weather to have the kids play outside. Play in the yard, play in the water, etc etc and at least before it gets blisteringly hot and everyone has to retreat indoors.

A pretty good plan; it allows them to burn off some energy and allows the educators to wind down and also prepare for transition. It’s also good to just let them have fun.

There’s just one little downside to this, and that’s dirt.

And not a little dirt, a LOT of dirt.

This is a photo of the offspring taken by Mr. Blurrycam:

That polo shirt is technically white and generally speaking, he’s technically not smudgy. The Mom had some interesting vocabulary going on when she found it in the laundry pile, but we can say that it’s now white again in the places it’s supposed to be white.

Then there’s this:

No, not Cèline’s.

When the Mom saw this photo she thought this was the Patrem. A good theory except there are three small issues with that hypothesis:

  1. Tootsies are too small if one uses the bamboo floor as a measure of relative size
  2. No scars around the left kneecap
  3. I don’t enjoy getting dirty

Oy gevalt! That really was the Number One Son.

The little patch of clean on top of the right foot was where the sandal managed to block the dirt. We don’t have a photo of the shorts he was wearing in the photo, but they were grey (the material started the day as a dark blue).

The positive thing was that relative to the other kids in the Giraffe group that day, he was still relatively clean.

But that’s still a lot of dirt.

The Patrem had him jump up and down a couple of times to at least leave some of the loose dirt in the yard, but there’s no getting around having to clean.

The Micro-D kept asking to sit and relax in the tub but we elected to hose him down, which took a while because it took a few rounds of soap and a dedicated manicure and pedicure session with The Mom to get him back to his normal hue.

In hindsight, it probably would have been a little easier by pre-soaking him in the tub before the spray, but then we would have had to explain to Fina why we were trying to re-enact the annual flooding of the Nile River delta.

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