San Diego Comic-Con InternationalComic-Con is a comic book and multi-genre entertainment convention that takes place in San Diego every summer. It started off as a gathering of desperate socially-awkward males some 40+ years ago, but has since morphed into the largest nerdfest gathering in the world outside of the otaku Mecca known as Akihabara (秋葉原). Comic-Con is really popular too and very important to the local San Diego economy because more than 130,000 cash-flush nerds convention-goers flood the city for a four-day expression of North American otaku-ness.

For some unfathomable reason on the part of the meetings planners, the Mom finds herself waist-deep in otaku at Comic-Con being propositioned by nerds. No, really – she’s in indeed in the city at the same time as Comic-Con.

How’s the Micro-Dragon taking the departure of the Mom to Comic-Con without him?

Pretty well actually because the weekend is action-packed. No breakfast of delicious ham though there was the waffle and three different fruits because the grandparents dropped off some items to ensure he wouldn’t starve. Patrem et filium then made a monopoly-free foray to Rockland to run along the straightaways and do counting exercises on the multiple stairways at that particular locale.

After running for several hundred metres to limber up, it was time to tackle the two-flight descent towards the sporting goods shop. Seventeen steps on top, eight on the bottom. This is the Micro-Dragon on Step seven of flight two verifying that there isn’t anything ooky that he might accidentally step into on the way down because even though it tries to cater to a more affluent clientele, the facility is still a shopping centre.

Rockland - Step number seven!

Confidently striding down to Step number eight…

Rockland - Stair number eight!

And ta-dah! All finished at the bottom of the double flight.

Rockland - second set of eight stairs completed

Now reversing and going back up because multiple reps on stairs are good to build up the calves.

Rockland - going back to up do another set

After the double-flight, he spent some time on this step trio between the breakfast place and the sporting goods shop. There are a couple of reasons for this – it’s harder balance-wise because the railing is really high and it’s effectively open between the two uprights so this requires additional concentration especially when attempting to go up and down quickly. And – if you click on the image and expand (the cross on the upper right of the lightbox) – you’ll notice a female barista behind the bar that he would wave to and say “hi!” to.

Liam Wallace doing the Eggspectation stairs and saying hi to the barista

After the workout, the Micro-Dragon treated the parental grandparents and cousins to delicious pizza.

Pretty good way to spend a rainy Sunday.

However, the time while the Mom is doing Comic-Con hasn’t all about been getting buff and hosting lunches.

The day prior, the patrem and filium undertook a food run to the Atwater Market to acquire various cow products, proteins and delicious tomato. He supplemented his fruit intake by waving and saying “how are you” to pretty much every farmer’s daughter working the respective produce stalls, and being rewarded for his friendliness by samples of their blueberry, strawberry and raspberry crops. [aside: this is nowhere in the paternal genome]

It was also the day we were to host the paternal Cousine’s birthday to help out the temporarily space-challenged Paternal Aunt, and the Mom had been teaching him how to sing Happy Birthday when the cake would be set ablaze. The Mom suggested getting Liam Wallace a little pastry, partly to help him get in the mood to sing, and mostly partly because of the guilts.

This is what Liam Wallace initially chose because he’s very comfortable being a metrosexual and doesn’t subscribe to society’s fixed notions on color restrictions for boys and girls.

The Moisson raspberry macaron with raspberries and cream

Okay – while he doesn’t mind pink at all, it’s more that he saw the giant raspberries sticking out from the middle.

Then he moved about 50 cm to the left and decided he really really wanted this instead.

The Moisson chocolate and raspberry bombe

Patrem didn’t make any suggestions whatsoever – he really did pick this one (and excitedly so) out of the case. Here is a three-quarters view, which would be able the angle he would have seen it.

3/4 view of the Moisson chocolate and raspberry bombe

This would be Liam Wallace post-lunch starting on his choco-raspberry bombe – by first taking the giant raspberry. Flashes to being several days old? No, raspberry fit into piehole pretty easily.

Liam Wallace starting on the chocolate and raspberry bombe

Then checking out the bombe’s texture to see how well the patissiers knew their profession.

Liam Wallace checking for texture

Liam Wallace did offer to share the two pastries with the Patrem.

Liam Wallace sharing his two pastries with the Patrem

The carton was delicious.


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