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The New Superman Adventures

Summer vacation

Ah, summer vacation! What every school-aged child looks forward to, and what’s always hard to have come to an end. The Micro-Dragon has spent part of his summer vacation at summer camp (Acti-Fun!), and the remaining part helping the Mom with her natal philopatry issues by accompanying her on the annual reverse salmon thing. Lots […]

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Liam Wallce waiting for bacon


This would be Liam Wallace with his Saturday morning anime hair sitting patiently with his morning biomoo for delicious bacon. While he looks a bit mangled from yet another cold and some big-league nasal congestion (probably inherited from The Mom – you know, gigantico), he’s surprisingly functional. He’s mentally preparing for his inaugural session on […]

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Strawberry cheesecake


Today is Father’s Day, the one day in the year that the now-defunct MCI identified as as the day with the highest number of collect call traffic out of all days of the year. This is different than Mother’s Day, where there is a run on flowers and the never-ending quest for a brunch spot […]

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Climbing the mountain of snow

Long Weekend

So what does the Micro-Dragon do on the hump day of a long weekend? That’s right – put on the big boy (snow) pants before going outside in the blizzard to create a ginormous snowman… …climb a mountain of snow, …and then go for a long walk in the deep drifts. It’s choco-avalanche tomorrow.  

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Giant watermelon


It’s TOO BIG! Like Atomic Blankie! Watermelon covers everything! The Micro-Dragon decided to go out to supervise the parentals’ grocery shopping to ensure that appropriate items were acquired for his enjoyment. We came across an item at one of the local markets which required some hands-on up close and personal inspection. That’s right: a watermelon […]

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New Year's Eve piano recital

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015! The start of the Gregorian New Year finds the Mom semiconscious from the lack of water and snoozies after-effects of the previous evening, and the Micro-Dragon knowing from The Fruit Song that like Aunt NeNe’s Atomic Blankie, watermelons are too big. And the Patrem? Jealous that this blog has generated more than 220% […]

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Liam Wallace realizing he has to use a keyboard

The year in review

This is the time of the year when all the news shows legitimate or otherwise devote some programming time to the year in review. I guess we can do that here to see the Micro-Dragon’s year in review, especially as it’s Gregorian New Year’s Eve (not the good one). There is a lot of stuff […]

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Where are my Pants Guy

Where are my pants?

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. There was a yet another sombre Danish cinematic release unleashed upon the world earlier this year espousing a cautionary tale of individualism and libertarianism in a world of Scandinavian orthodoxy called… The LEGO Movie. We won’t give away any of the plot details except to say that there is […]

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Knife skills demonstration

Knife skills

What are knife skills? Back in the day knife skills would have meant one’s dexterity with a blade to equally fend off foes and to smite mightily and get all the tender juicy bits when called upon to do so. The parentals will have to reinterpret some of the smiting when reading tomes like The […]

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Steve the Federalist Bear


So we all know that Liam Wallace has accompanied the Mom on her latest excursion downstream for some reset time (for her) and delicious hand-curated wild blueberries, and that Steve has gone along for the ride. Some of you might be confused when reading that about Steve, thinking “wait – Steve is supposed to be […]

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