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Daily financials

Just look at how studious this kid is, as he reviews the morning’s newsfeeds over a glass of biomoo while awaiting breakfast to be served by the parentals. This would be the “AAPL’s doing what now?” as he reviews the daily financials before markets opened. Actually AAPL was bottom-fishing post-split that day, but did end […]

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Knowing your name

That quote actually comes from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. I have to admit that I have never seen an episode and while I have seen him reprising the titular role on an epside of Top Chef Texas, I generally associate Paul Reubens with his role as Amylin (you can watch how he steals the scene here). Knowing […]

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Not a lesson for the Micro-Dragon, but for the pater. We have been playing around with expanding the palate and list of accessible foodstuffs while he’s currently still away from proto-school. Seeing as it’s the start of a new calendar year (and winter), part of it also has to do with decreasing the delicious ham […]

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Piano lessons

Where the pater grew up, there were two types of families: either you were a piano family or you were a violin family, and there really was no grey at all. The pater is from a piano family and he even took lessons, getting all the way up to completing the Royal Conservatory’s eighth grade. […]

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Visiting Pierre

So remember reading how Liam Wallace came down with a case of numb brain while listening to his pater drone on and on and on about foraging for edible fungi and vegetation in the mountain woods? It happened again when patrem et filium decided to that the road trip to just get out of the […]

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Portrait by the Young Man as an Artist

While the blog title is a reference to an Irish literary icon, Liam Wallace is theoretically named after a Scot but the true naming debacle is revealed on the About page. We’re now well into the fourth week at proto-school and the Micro-D’s interactions with his group “Les Étoiles” (The Stars) is actually going swimmingly. […]

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This is the face of an exasperated one-year-old. Why the consternation? Well, as he’s getting older his ability to verbalize continues to develop and he’s now at a point where he can clearly, repeatedly and contextually use four words. We can feel your puzzlement. What’s the big deal – it’s only four words, right? Well, […]

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Guy thing

This is Liam Wallace doing the genetic guy thing, including a pretty good impression of Andy Serkis and “My Precious” (that would be photo number five).   And this would be Liam Wallace doing the genetic guy thing after being advised that it isn’t his to keep and control forever and ever.

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Using an iPad

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) makes a big deal about how their iDevices are game changers in the market segments they get introduced to, and they’re right because their technology has dramatically changed the landscape as the late iSteve first introduced the world to the iPod, then the iPhone, and most recently the iPad. That latter device […]

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