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Using an iPad

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) makes a big deal about how their iDevices are game changers in the market segments they get introduced to, and they’re right because their technology has dramatically changed the landscape as the late iSteve first introduced the world to the iPod, then the iPhone, and most recently the iPad. That latter device […]

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Eating tofu

Tofu (荳腐) is essentially soybean protein that has been extracted from soy juice and coagulated in manner similar to the way milk protein is coagulated to make cheese. It’s a relatively straightforward process and affords a nutritious high protein food which has the ability to take up the flavors of other ingredients that are cooked […]

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This here is a photo of two pieces of Chilean Sea Bass that have been steamed for 14 minutes. Yes, that’s right – Liam Wallace’s first experience with poisson (that would be fish or 魚) is the Patagonian Toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) that on average retails for in and around $69.96/kg. Guilt considerations aside, this fish […]

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Well, an event/milestone of sorts as the Micro-D has had to resort to soymoo (alias commercial soy-based infant formula) because of a temporary interruption in the supply of mom-moo. It’s not like he has never had formula before; right after birth we were hoisting little plastic shot glasses of formula while the mom-moo supply chain […]

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Space monkeys

Well, at the start of the New Year one is supposed to wear new clothes both to have an auspicious start and to show there is good fortune from the past that will continue into the future. Micro-D did that yesterday, with his mom breaking out the Space Monkeys pajamas. Well, they’re monkeys but with […]

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Sweet potato

The micro-D is 7 months old as of today, and we’re looking outside at a snowstorm which is touted to bury both Boston and NYC (relative dribbles here in the Big Croissant) and of course gearing up for the Lunar New Year. Today was also the introduction of the next vegetable on the list: sweet […]

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Last outing for the Robot

This week was another milestone of sorts as it was the last outing for the Robot. Robot pajamas that is. I have a thing for robots and I had found a set of robot pajamas that worked so well that I went back to buy a larger set after the micro-D very quickly outgrew the […]

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Liam Wallace at 6 months

Six months!

Six months! It’s been six months since Liam Wallace decided to come out to greet the world! It only feels like yesterday that it’s 1:40a and I’m being woken up by persistent taps on my forehead to tell me that I can’t go to the Garden State because this kid has decided to come out […]

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Liam and Bumbo


A milestone of sorts has been reached as this is the Micro-Dragon’s first time sitting in his yellow Bumbo. Coincidentally, it is also likely the last time he’s likely to wear the bear cub pajamas his maternal grandmother gave him because he’s really sprouted over the past couple of weeks. You can see the matching […]

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