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Sixty six

It’s already 2018! And Liam Wallace has hit sixty six! Months! The Big Croissant is coming out of what has essentially been a month-long deep freeze, with the Micro-Dragon managing to avoid getting freezer burn on his little yellow butt in spite of going outside a few times for activities including showing the maternal grand-parents […]

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CPE Welcome Mural

Last Day

We have come to a very big milestone in the life of the Micro-Dragon: it was the last day at proto-school today. All the parentals can say is “wow! where did the time go?” We know from the calendar that it’s been exactly 1458 days since the first day of proto-school, when he ignored the […]

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Forty two

Forty two! The Micro-Dragon isn’t so micro anymore and is now 42 months old. Forty two! That’s 3.5 years old as he starts the 2016 countdown to birthday number four. Forty two also happens to be the year of the consulship between Emperor Claudius and Gaius Caecina Largus, though we’re not completely sure why that’s […]

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30 months and enjoying the morning yogurt


The Micro-Dragon is thirty today! Thirty months that is. We actually measured him just to see how much he has been growing since it’s evident by looking at him that he changes every day. Weight was easy because it was simply a matter of holding him while stepping on the scale, then stepping on the […]

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Months that is. Can you believe it? Twenty months have passed since Liam Wallace first sprang onto the world. His age now starts with a “2”. This would be the Micro-Dragon giving a demonstration of what the paternals should be expecting in perhaps a dozen years when he’ll be asked to do the mundane like […]

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The Year of the Horse is very important for the patrem, but thus far the Year of the Horse is also a year of significant changes for the filium, as he continues to develop language and fine motor skills in leaps and bounds. Plus he’s getting faster. Much faster. As in velociraptor chasing down lumbering brachiosaur faster. […]

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Portrait by the Young Man as an Artist

While the blog title is a reference to an Irish literary icon, Liam Wallace is theoretically named after a Scot but the true naming debacle is revealed on the About page. We’re now well into the fourth week at proto-school and the Micro-D’s interactions with his group “Les Étoiles” (The Stars) is actually going swimmingly. […]

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He stands! Unassisted! And he claps! Great start and definitely work being put in on the Micro-Dragon’s part to develop his sense of balance. You can see toes at the cuffs which confirm he is standing. The pants themselves aren’t too long but we’ll get to that explanation later. And the cool San Francisco T-shirt […]

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It really doesn’t feel like 365.25 days have gone by, but the Micro-Dragon turned ONE today. Actually the official time will be 18:06 EST5EDT but we won’t be nitpicky. A year ago at the time this blogpost wast started, the Mom Unit was pleading with the delivery team not to hook her up for induction […]

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Ten months!

Ten Months! The Micro-Dragon is ten whole months today! So how does Liam Wallace live large? He wakes up and starts wiggling at 5:00a EST5EDT to convince his Mom Unit to get up and make an extra-special breakfast of crêpes topped with maple syrup and his favorite Ataúlfo mangos. And she does! Golden color, rather […]

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