Cat sitting

So, did anyone notice that there was a cat-shaped entity in the background photo of Liam Wallace assessing the golden raspberries and their need for Anita? You did! You did see a meowie because Liam Wallace has been cat sitting his maternal aunt’s brown tabby Gollum.

Gollum - el grande gato

That is “Gollum” as in Sméagol, because that maternal aunt is really into LOTR. We don’t know if she cosplays an elf or anything, because that behind closed doors stuff is really none of our business.

The Micro-Dragon has been learning and enjoying the responsibility of cat sitting Gollum, though he only tried literal cat sitting one time. Cat moves, butt hits floor, no repeats – one of those straightforward “what have we learned today?” scenarios.

This would be the two of them doing the morning cat rubdown to limber up that fur in advance of the day’s activities.

Liam Wallace and Gollum doing morning rubdown

And a “hi meowie!” and cat rub every time he sees Gollum to make sure his guest is having a good time.

Hi meowie!

In spite of the the Micro-Dragon checking to see if everything is acceptable, it’s still been a bit of a change for Gollum as he’s had to adapt to changes in his here and now. This table is a comparator of what he has had to bear, and which locale might be preferred.


Table 1. Cat activities – daily routine vs vacation

Criterion Home Vacation Advantage
Children three, alternately ignoring him or engaged in pitched battle with the meowie as potential collateral casualty one Micro-Dragon massaging fur and cat butt vacation
(butt massages)
Air conditioning no central air
Sunbathing variable 45% window; sunlight > 14 hours/day vacation
(often found snoozing in sun)
Outside walks yes no home
Scooping ? nightly undetermined
Litter change ? 4-5 day interval undetermined
Water service ? twice daily undetermined 
Meals evening bowl of dry food, access to meal items dropped by children evening bowl of dry food home
Snacks plants, neighborhood insect and small creature smørrebrød, access to snack items dropped by children none home
 Entertainment three children, TV, owner, cat toys, designated scratching areas  Micro-Dragon, BabyTV, Patrem providing tummy rubs, cat yoga undetermined
Sleeping arrangement cat bed, beds cat bed, beds, yoga mat equivalent
Dedicated pillow ? the Mom undetermined


Of course, there’s really no real way to tell whether he has noticed the differences or is enjoying his vacation because as far as we can tell, Gollum doesn’t speak human and lacks the opposable thumbs to write out an answer.

This speaks volumes at the suffering he is enduring from being separated from his family though:

Cat yoga

Still, the Micro-Dragon is more than happy to do more cat sitting should Gollum feel the need to have another getaway.


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