This would be Liam Wallace with his Saturday morning anime hair sitting patiently with his morning biomoo for delicious bacon.

Liam Wallce waiting for bacon

While he looks a bit mangled from yet another cold and some big-league nasal congestion (probably inherited from The Mom – you know, gigantico), he’s surprisingly functional. He’s mentally preparing for his inaugural session on the slopes tomorrow by being zen, checking his holdings in Canadian Big 6 and having berries as part of a balanced breakfast, including some strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. He timed the market well – in spite of heavy losses across all sectors all of his holdings are in the black.

The parentals bought the strawberries. They originate from Florida (the state that exports all of its nice-looking produce except for the oranges which were terrible this year) and were on sale at 2 x 454 g packs for $5. What a deal! Really! Have you seen the CAD$ exchange rate recently? (ouch…)

The paternal grandparents got him the blueberries and the blackberries.

Here’s a shot of the blackberries. They’re from Mexico, but our nice neighbors south of the 49th supporting El Trumpo need not worry because even though there is no wall on either the southern or norther borders, the blackberries didn’t stay there and continued onward into the snow. Notice how completely unblemished they are, and they’re also not wet. Not a drop of water.

Curated blackberries provided by the paternal grandparents

It must be the visas.

Here’s one of the blueberries. They’re Chilean. They also seem to be mostly uniformly sized (very large), with no wrinkles and other significant imperfections.

Curated blueberries provided by the paternal grandparents

Such nice berries! It’s impressive, their physical appearance and quality. The parentals never seem to be able to find packs like this even with some serious effort.

The paternal grandparents swear up and down that they’re not curating individual berries. Really, they’re not. The berries just happen to be perfectly unblemished and plump for the grandson’s consumption.




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