He stands! Unassisted! And he claps!

He Stands!

Great start and definitely work being put in on the Micro-Dragon’s part to develop his sense of balance. You can see toes at the cuffs which confirm he is standing. The pants themselves aren’t too long but we’ll get to that explanation later. And the cool San Francisco T-shirt courtesy of his Cali Aunt Amy.

He now walks easily with assistance, drops to crawling when he needs a burst of speed, and scoots up and down stairs with aplomb. Also thinks he’s Spider-Man as he attempts to climb pretty much each and every available vertical surface.

[aside: this was a frigging difficult photo to take because he’s aware of the camera and will immediately drop down when the auto-focus lamp lights him up just prior to exposure]

On the proto-school front, we are now at the start of the second week and with full day stays already adapted to and taken care of. So far so good with a couple of rocky periods and a little bit of upset when the parental units leave in the morning. We know he’s being brave and tries to make the best of it and not show that things might be bothering him afterwards because when he’s picked up in the PM, he does cry a little bit when he sees who’s there, but out of relief that a parental unit showed up.

As for the group interaction, we can tell that he’s spent more time with adults than other kids because he functions more independently than the others, does try and get them to stop crying and lead them to play, and he’s verbally “chattier”. However, he also doesn’t hesitate to crawl all over them or use them as furniture (oog) when he’s practicing his balance. We’re told that last bit isn’t as prevalent right now as it was in the previous week so hopefully that trend will continue.

The only worry at this point is lunch. We’ve confirmed that when he’s cranky from lack of sleep and a headache from everyone else crying around him, the last thing he wants to see for lunch is sweet potato. However, he’s refused several meals to the point where the extra energy usage from the elevated physical activity and minimal eating has him doing the inner city saggy pants thing.

Saggy pants

See? It isn’t because the pants are too long. Thanks to the latest growth spurt and extra activity the Micro-D has a narrow little butt and can still wear short pants he fit into 10 months ago. I guess the overall saggy look would be tougher if it weren’t for Cookie Monster and polka dots peeking out from the top of his jeans with the stretchy waistband.

And if you pay extra attention, you can spot the security caps on the wall sockets and a bicycle helmet on the table. So there – visual proof that Liam Wallace has responsible parental units…

Speaking of parental units, are you wondering how the Mom is doing with proto-school? Cried her eyes out at the first solo delivery today.

2 Responses to Balance

  1. Marc September 3, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

    Liam is in advance over Celeste – who said girls development were faster than boys’ 🙂

    • Nadine September 4, 2013 at 1:42 am #

      Probably a girl Marc!

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