I’m Liam Wallace Shaw! The micro-Dragon, though I’m now a bit bigger than micro. First-born child and yet another example that the expression of genetic phenotype is always going to be a great big surprise. The other surprise of course was arriving early.

This is my site. It is being written at the moment by my parental units as I continue to develop fine motor skills and language capabilities but I will eventually take it over and then it will really be mine.

How did I get the name?

William WallaceSo given that the last name is “Shaw” (as in the fine Scots Clan Shaw of Tordarroch) you would think that my parents intentionally named me after my namesake William Wallace (Liam being a short version of William), the commander of Scots forces during the First War of Scottish Independence, but whom most people outside of Scotland only know by having seen Braveheart.

Well, no.

Turns out that my parents decided to leave things as a surprise to the very end so that they would only find out whether their first-born (me) would be a boy (yes) or a girl (no).

My dad, being the objective planning sort, had selected no less than thirteen options for girls’ names and exactly three for boys’ names. Good one. So when I popped out and they said “it’s a boy!” Dad said “really?” while Mom said “well, of course.”

Dad’s three boy name options apparently didn’t work at all, so I spent the first 36 hours of my life known as “Bébé Shaw”. Oy! Parents…

Anyway, naming me was harder than it looked because the parental units had to come up with something that both sets of grandparents could pronounce. It turns out that while they had a deal that Dad would choose the name, it was actually Mom who suggested Liam. The syllable count reminded her of Dad’s name and she liked the way it sounded weighty. So people thought, oh well she chose this because it’s Liam like Liam Neeson and that she had seen his films.

Robert James-CollierWould that I was named after Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, but she actually doesn’t know who Liam Neeson is, and it was Liam as in Liam Connor. Yep. Mom really likes Coronation Street.

Mom said his character was kind (I have to take her word for it – I’ve never seen the episodes because Dad watches food programming and cartoons incessantly). The interesting thing was that Dad actually suggested Connor but Mom said it sounded too English. It’s actually Scottish but it’s just as well because Dad’s suggestion for a name was actually Connor Duncan, which would have really sucked if our family name was MacLeod.


Dad however, did know that Liam was the short variant of William and actually suggested not using it because the Prince of Wales was doing his North American tour and he didn’t want to be associated as a royal-watcher.

Wallace and GromitSince he did know something about Scots history, he suggested Wallace instead (and Duncan again too) after coming across an image from aardman on his frantic Internet search for naming alternates.

No, I’m not named after that Academy Award-winner either.

Mom did like the way the two names sounded together so after confirming that she was aware of the Scots heritage link and after my paternal grandmother worked over Dad, that’s what they signed to and that is the convoluted journey to how I wound up being named after Braveheart.

everything about the Micro-Dragon!


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