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Neil Armstrong in Buzz Aldrin's Visor

Waxing Gibbous!

The Micro-Dragon is very interested in the Moon. We are not quite sure why, but he has always been fascinated and reassured by presence of the satellite high in the night sky since, oh birth. There were periods where he would be very agitated because there were weeks-long spans where the Moon wasn’t visible due […]

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30 months and enjoying the morning yogurt


The Micro-Dragon is thirty today! Thirty months that is. We actually measured him just to see how much he has been growing since it’s evident by looking at him that he changes every day. Weight was easy because it was simply a matter of holding him while stepping on the scale, then stepping on the […]

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New Year's Eve piano recital

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015! The start of the Gregorian New Year finds the Mom semiconscious from the lack of water and snoozies after-effects of the previous evening, and the Micro-Dragon knowing from The Fruit Song that like Aunt NeNe’s Atomic Blankie, watermelons are too big. And the Patrem? Jealous that this blog has generated more than 220% […]

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