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Liam Wallace realizing he has to use a keyboard

The year in review

This is the time of the year when all the news shows legitimate or otherwise devote some programming time to the year in review. I guess we can do that here to see the Micro-Dragon’s year in review, especially as it’s Gregorian New Year’s Eve (not the good one). There is a lot of stuff […]

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The PVC Santa


We’re still in the post-Xmas period before the Gregorian New Year (not the good one). Liam Wallace has spent the weekend thus far treating his maternal grandparents to a donut (hand-choosing flavors) and showing off his dance moves. Unlike previous years, the Parentals actually chatted up Santa and the Micro-Dragon was pretty excited this past […]

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Xmas surprise eggs from the paternal uncle!


Yes, the Micro-Dragon gets to acknowledge that it’s Xmas again and not The-Religious-Holiday-in-December-That-was-Declared-a-Civic-Holiday-Openly-Embraced-and-Enjoyed-by-All-Denominations-and-Faiths like it was last year. So his first Xmas was spent box-surfing and being compared to a porchetta and a turkey while his second one involved a piano lesson and being carried around like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. What about this year? […]

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Where are my Pants Guy

Where are my pants?

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. There was a yet another sombre Danish cinematic release unleashed upon the world earlier this year espousing a cautionary tale of individualism and libertarianism in a world of Scandinavian orthodoxy called… The LEGO Movie. We won’t give away any of the plot details except to say that there is […]

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Knife skills demonstration

Knife skills

What are knife skills? Back in the day knife skills would have meant one’s dexterity with a blade to equally fend off foes and to smite mightily and get all the tender juicy bits when called upon to do so. The parentals will have to reinterpret some of the smiting when reading tomes like The […]

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