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Liam Wallace's pre-school smilie

New school year

Today was the start of the new scchool year at proto-school for the Micro-Dragon. Same facility, essentially the same crew of 3 girls and 1 other boy that he hung out with last year, but new instructor, new add-ins (1 boy, 1 girl), new room and new name. He finished off his first year as […]

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Lightbulb moment

Cave paintings

We all know what these are – early art dating back 30,000 to 32,000 years ago, created by our caveman ancestors while they were huddling in the dark from predators and illustrating their observations, the meal they may have just consumed, and whatever they were hoping for or afraid of running into. The parentals have […]

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Liam Wallace with his Graduation Day breakfast

Graduation day

It’s Graduation Day for the Micro-Dragon of sorts as he celebrates his first educational milestone of completing Year One at proto-school. Wow – 360 days really do fly by just like that. This was Liam Wallace on the first day of proto-school as a member of the Étoiles (Stars). Still a little baby fat, hair […]

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Breakfast with paternal grandparents

The army of frogs

Well, this was all that was left of the army of frogs created by the Mom today. Why did the Mom recreate the Army of Frogs that was first seen when the Micro-Dragon turned two? We’ll get to that. This lazy summer Sunday started lazily enough, with the Liam Wallace sleeping in until 03:45a (after […]

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Elvis Presley entering the army and getting the haircut 1958


Today is the 37th Anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. The Patrem sort-of knows this pretty much every year because August 16 is has been a little weird since Elvis came face-to-face with the Universal Oneness. The Micro-Dragon? He tolerates the Patrem’s eclectic musical tastes in the car, but generally doesn’t care too much […]

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Liam Wallace asking to be picked up post-snoozies

Zombie apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse seems to be on everyone’s mind (sic) these days, ranging from a movie about a zombie apocalypse, to a movie actually called Zombie Apocalypse, a Big Croissant initiative to be internationally cool by hosting a training exercise to prepare for a zombie apocalypse which was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute by […]

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The Tarzan Yell

Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny Weissmuller (June 2, 1904 – January 20, 1984) was an Austro-Hungarian-American competition swimmer and actor best known for playing Tarzan in films of the 1930s and 1940s. The Patrem’s seen all twelve films but the Micro-Dragon doesn’t know who Johnny Weissmuller was, nor has he yet seen a Tarzan film or book. In spite […]

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The serving of octopus


The Micro-Dragon is 25 months (2 years + 1 month) old today and he starts off the day pumped up full of octopus energy! Octopus! We’re really not sure where this came from, but the Micro-Dragon started running around and yelling “octopus!” earlier this summer. It’s definitely not from the Mom, because when it comes […]

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Liam Wallace and his paternal grandfather on his grandfather's birthday

The paternal grandfather’s birthday

Today is the paternal grandfather’s birthday, and Liam Wallace spent the evening in party mode. The Micro-Dragon got up really early this morning to be able to have time to look at his stock performance, watch a performance of the Potato Dance, eat the delicious waffle and manage those darn parentals as they only seem […]

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Checking AAPL while waiting for breakfast

Ice cream

I scream You scream Who doesn’t scream For ice cream! Well, let’s see – first and foremost, there would the lactose-intolerant. And vegans. And maybe the food truck offering liver and onions that’s trying to compete with the ice cream vendors on a really hot day. They probably wouldn’t be on the ice cream bandwagon […]

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