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Oh no! I forgot to feel guilty!

Eerily prescient

Liam Wallace’s cat sitting responsibilities came to and end yesterday as his maternal aunt dropped by to bring Gollum and the fish home from vacation. We didn’t mention the fish because they’re goldfish (real ones, not like these) and they go bloop bloop and not much else. How anxious was the meow to go home […]

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Liam Wallace and Gollum doing morning rubdown

Cat sitting

So, did anyone notice that there was a cat-shaped entity in the background photo of Liam Wallace assessing the golden raspberries and their need for Anita? You did! You did see a meowie because Liam Wallace has been cat sitting his maternal aunt’s brown tabby Gollum. That is “Gollum” as in Sméagol, because that maternal […]

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Testing an ultralight


This can’t possibly be good, especially as Liam Wallace is correcting the Mom’s pronunciation of the word “Lexus”. She’s still wading in otaku while searching for examples of Sonoman grape juice. A couple of years ago, there was an ad campaign running the tagline “Engineered for magic, everyday” where a certain car available in optional […]

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San Diego Comic-Con International


Comic-Con is a comic book and multi-genre entertainment convention that takes place in San Diego every summer. It started off as a gathering of desperate socially-awkward males some 40+ years ago, but has since morphed into the largest nerdfest gathering in the world outside of the otaku Mecca known as Akihabara (秋葉原). Comic-Con is really […]

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Comparison of blueberry and two different raspberries

Golden raspberries

Liam Wallace loves fruit. At the present time, the only foods that might possibly compete with fruit on the accept-o-meter might be delicious ham and perhaps ice cream, though that last one is handicapped by selective acceptance of flavors and manufacturers. But fruit reigns above everything to the point where if it weren’t for the […]

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Those are of course, the opening and ending lyrics to ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”, a hit way back in 1983 when the pater was way thinner and actually had hair. Not ZZ Top hair, but hair. There are actually more than a few lyrics missing in-between, but the point of dragging out this now-golden […]

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As of today, the Micro-Dragon joins the Star Alliance through his membership with the Aeroplan points program. The generic orange Aeroplan card for now (and no, you don’t need to know his number), but let’s see how quickly he makes it to the good level where he gets access to the lounge and the concierge. […]

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The big green box

So at the Before Party, the Big Green Box made its presence felt as its massive bulk sat tantalizingly close and untouchable. Of course it was also sat on, and sat on pretty uncomfortablely, because underneath the green polka-dot exterior was nothing but unpadded heavy-duty cardboard for Liam Wallace’s buttcheeks during the photo-op that he […]

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TWO! Can you believe it? Two years ago today, the Micro-Dragon introduced himself to the world as a blond, blue-eyed pale pink kid cruising nurses working the overnight shift at the hospital nursery. He was supposed to spend the night doing snoozies in the preemie incubator but the time with the nurses was well, way […]

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