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The Year of the Horse is very important for the patrem, but thus far the Year of the Horse is also a year of significant changes for the filium, as he continues to develop language and fine motor skills in leaps and bounds. Plus he’s getting faster. Much faster. As in velociraptor chasing down lumbering brachiosaur faster. […]

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chaucer valentinus


What did you do to commemorate the Chaucer-created holiday of Valentinus this year? Liam Wallace had a snow day because even though he technically goes to proto-school, there was that big smack of white stuff that hit the Eastern Seabord and the Mom still has issues with her “bad back” (finger wiggle emphasis for the […]

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Knowing your name

That quote actually comes from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. I have to admit that I have never seen an episode and while I have seen him reprising the titular role on an epside of Top Chef Texas, I generally associate Paul Reubens with his role as Amylin (you can watch how he steals the scene here). Knowing […]

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everything about the Micro-Dragon!


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