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Winter holiday

It’s not exactly like every day hasn’t already been a holiday since the Micro-Dragon stepped away from proto-school to avoid plague, but it’s been officially winter for 10 days or so and he’s still in vacation mode, so winter holiday it is. After delivering the rib rub and playing Stairway to Heaven as a duet, […]

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Piano lessons

Where the pater grew up, there were two types of families: either you were a piano family or you were a violin family, and there really was no grey at all. The pater is from a piano family and he even took lessons, getting all the way up to completing the Royal Conservatory’s eighth grade. […]

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School party

After months of having to actively avoid the plague vectors his classmates, the Micro-Dragon made a special appearance at proto-school to participate in the school party for It’s-Now-a-Civic-Holiday-Enjoyed-by-All-Denominations-and-Faiths. Pretty good, especially with multi-days of cold cooping him up indoors and preventing even going for a quick jaunt around the block to break the monotony with […]

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The Tree

It’s The-Former-Religious-Holiday-in-December-That-is-Now-a-Civic-Holiday-Openly-Embraced-and-Enjoyed-by-All-Denominations-and-Faiths time again. To commemorate the season, the parentals have gone out to the wilderness (aka the Atwater Market on a Saturday) in search of The Tree. Before anyone gets all uppity about us being anti-forest, we purchase from tree farmers and we take full advantage of composting programs to ensure that the tree […]

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After a day of manipulating the Mom, we woke up to snow. The Mom has spent an inordinate amount of time stating how she loved going outside to shovel the walk, but then suddenly developed this “bad back” which prevents her from shoveling. It’s always been a point of “hmm…” with the pater, who uses […]

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So what does a kid who turned seventeen months today do to make the most of the day? Put on the robe given to him by paternal aunt in preparation to perform Jedi Mind Tricks on the mother? That would be a pretty darn good guess since that’s more or less the morning. In case […]

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Jerry Jerry

“Jerry! Jerry!” is of course the eponymous mating call and chant of the denizens making up the “audience” of the Jerry Springer Show. For the perhaps one or two people who may not know, The Jerry Springer Show is a syndicated television “talk” show hosted by Jerry Springer. You can look him up – he […]

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