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Visiting Pierre

So remember reading how Liam Wallace came down with a case of numb brain while listening to his pater drone on and on and on about foraging for edible fungi and vegetation in the mountain woods? It happened again when patrem et filium decided to that the road trip to just get out of the […]

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Today is American Thanksgiving – essentially the most important holiday in the United States and the one where you don’t want to be traveling on. It’s the holiday where those south of the 49th Parallel honor Squanto and Samoset saving the Pilgrims’ collective heinies way back in 1621. Liam Wallace is having Goldfish and multigrain […]

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454 grams

454 grams. Before the 1976 amendment to the Weights and Measures Act, 454 grams was referred to as “one pound” in Canada. There are a lot of things that are sold in preset measures of 454 grams, like Arm and Hammer baking soda, dry pasta, frozen shrimp, beans, coffee, and pancake mix. There’s plenty more […]

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No, not Carassius auratus auratus. Liam Wallace has been staying away from proto-school though he did meet up with one of his group by sheer accident over the last weekend (he kept to a safe distance). And while the pater has reinstated morning snoozies in attempt to have the Micro-Dragon conserve energy and recharge brain, […]

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Two blueberries

So this here is a photo of two blueberries. There are two berries and they are both indigo-colored: ergo, two blueberries. Thanks to the time of year, local production is nonexistent and blueberries are currently being imported into the Big Croissant from South America. The initial batch were from Argentina (you know, which used to […]

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Working on the golf game

Sixteen months! Liam Wallace is officially sixteen months today. He’s been spending the last few days away from proto-school, which hasn’t been a bad thing since he’s avoided the plague carriers that have resulted in the facility being swept multiple ways with gastroenteritis (mmm…). We’re not quite sure if they’re over it, so probably as […]

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It’s one of the best “holidays” for kids that doesn’t involve closing school because what could be better than running around having people give you candy? Micro-Dragon wasn’t in proto-school and didn’t do any of the prescribed activities, which is probably a good thing in the grand scheme of things since the others in his […]

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