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Window shopping

This was spotted today as the Micro-Dragon and the parentals did a bit of lazy Sunday window shopping along with in-person confirmation as to why Target sucks serious wind north of the 49th Parallel. If they actually used these things at proto-school (which they don’t), one would have been purchased and included in his day […]

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Successful launch

You wouldn’t know if from the following photo taken by Mr. Blurrycam, but this is the Micro-Dragon in the arms of his Mom Unit a few minutes after successfully demonstrating unassisted independent bipedal movement. That’s right – Liam Wallace walked for the first time today. And we have witnesses! Just over a metre total distance […]

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Portrait by the Young Man as an Artist

While the blog title is a reference to an Irish literary icon, Liam Wallace is theoretically named after a Scot but the true naming debacle is revealed on the About page. We’re now well into the fourth week at proto-school and the Micro-D’s interactions with his group “Les Étoiles” (The Stars) is actually going swimmingly. […]

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Pony Express

What does the Micro-Dragon do to wish his mother a happy birthday? Invite her as his guest to the proto-school’s annual barbecue, that’s what. So this is Mother and Son at the event, with a bunch of other kids and their associated parentals milling about in the background. One can see that the Mom’s really […]

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Plague vectors

And so it begins: the Micro-D has officially acquired his first immunologic challenge from proto-school. D*mn plague vectors playmates who bring in germs and don’t know how to wipe themselves. This pater is personally singling out V*ctoria for her inability to get out of the way when someone is sneezing on her.   For a […]

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He stands! Unassisted! And he claps! Great start and definitely work being put in on the Micro-Dragon’s part to develop his sense of balance. You can see toes at the cuffs which confirm he is standing. The pants themselves aren’t too long but we’ll get to that explanation later. And the cool San Francisco T-shirt […]

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