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This is the face of an exasperated one-year-old. Why the consternation? Well, as he’s getting older his ability to verbalize continues to develop and he’s now at a point where he can clearly, repeatedly and contextually use four words. We can feel your puzzlement. What’s the big deal – it’s only four words, right? Well, […]

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It really doesn’t feel like 365.25 days have gone by, but the Micro-Dragon turned ONE today. Actually the official time will be 18:06 EST5EDT but we won’t be nitpicky. A year ago at the time this blogpost wast started, the Mom Unit was pleading with the delivery team not to hook her up for induction […]

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Guy thing

This is Liam Wallace doing the genetic guy thing, including a pretty good impression of Andy Serkis and “My Precious” (that would be photo number five).   And this would be Liam Wallace doing the genetic guy thing after being advised that it isn’t his to keep and control forever and ever.

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Ginger pork

The Micro-D’s palate continues to develop rapidly as he counts down to ONE, and he’s starting to appreciate texture as well as nuances of mixed foods. Fish and potatoes continue to be problematic but he’s developed a taste for Yogurt Yums, macaroni and cheese, courgettes, meatballs, and ginger. We’re quite impressed at how much he […]

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New shoes

The countdown to ONE is well underway, with it being only seven days until the Micro-Dragon becomes one year of age. A lot has happened since the last post, such as the first Fathers’ Day, where Liam Wallace made his Mom Unit take him to get an apple turnover to have with coffee, which is […]

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