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Well, apart from being an abject disaster when it came to the daytime attempts at napping, yesterday was also the realization by the Micro-D that girls will notice and pay attention when one is dressed nicely. This is him gearing up to go cruising at Ste-Justine, doing the Spock eyebrow while sporting this particular ensemble […]

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The special banana method

Instructions Purchase some really nice bananas and let them ripen to a uniform yellow color. Select one banana. Slice banana in half and immediately consume one of the two halves. Place unused half of banana unwrapped on counter or in hanging fruit basket to continue to ripen in open air. Allow banana to slowly oxidize […]

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Family outing

It was family outing time the other day, partially because it was a nice day, partially because it was finally warm, and partially because the parents were getting somewhat doughy. This is the micro-D sporting his robot space suit, safely strapped into his Bugaboo Cameleon and ready for walkies. The dad’s providing the power because […]

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dino ext

The dinosaurs are extinct

Well, the dinosaurs are extinct. Before you ask whether or not I’m suffering from some type of memory loss, yes I do know about the bolide smacking into the Yucatán Peninsula to create the Chicxulub Crater that triggered the mass extinction 65 million years ago. And I know about the Deccan Traps. And yes, there’s […]

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Space monkeys

Well, at the start of the New Year one is supposed to wear new clothes both to have an auspicious start and to show there is good fortune from the past that will continue into the future. Micro-D did that yesterday, with his mom breaking out the Space Monkeys pajamas. Well, they’re monkeys but with […]

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Year of the Snake

新年快樂 ! The Year of the Snake is officially underway and Liam Wallace will be going on 12 years of age before he sees another Year of the Dragon. He dressed appropriately and even allowed his mom to get some sugar before things got underway. This year he rang in the changing of the year […]

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Lunar New Year

新年快樂 ! Today is Lunar New Year’s Eve, the best time of the year because there’s plenty of eating and plenty of lucky money (yeah!). There’s a lot of prep time for me so we took these photos a couple of weeks ago. This is Liam Wallace getting dressed (or trying to) in a traditional […]

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Sweet potato

The micro-D is 7 months old as of today, and we’re looking outside at a snowstorm which is touted to bury both Boston and NYC (relative dribbles here in the Big Croissant) and of course gearing up for the Lunar New Year. Today was also the introduction of the next vegetable on the list: sweet […]

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Beta Sweet

The micro-D has actually started on non-moomoo sources for nourishment now, and it’s been just over two weeks since the inaugural bowl of rice cereal. I have that filmed at at one point I’ll put it up. So far, he can eat rice until the moos come home, is somewhat ambivalent towards barley, and looks […]

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